Welcome to my website on which I am displaying photographs of textile mills located in the United Kingdom.

I have split the photos into albums based (loosely) on the areas that they are located.

I also have an album entitled 'Unidentified' .... if anyone recognises any of these mills, I would appreciate it if you could email me with the details of the mill name, and where it is located (christopher.earl@tiscali.co.uk).

If anyone has any photographs that they would like to donate to the site, I will add them and credit the sender in the caption.

03/05/2015         13100 images of over 1500 separate textile buildings around the UK.

Additional Photos

Craig Thornber         Park Green Mill, Macclesfield               http://www.thornber.net/cheshire/htmlfiles/macclesfield2.html

Mike Savage           Alder Mill, Leigh

                              Alder Mill entrance, Leigh

Gary Peacock         Britannia Mill, Mirfield                          http://www.mirfieldmemories.co.uk

                              Britannia Mill, Mirfield - demolition

Peter Fisher            http://peterfisher.smugmug.com

                              Britannia Mill, Crawshawbooth             Britannia Mill, Crawshawbooth

                              Britannia Mill, Crawshawbooth

Steve Wilson           http://www.ossett,net

                              Brooks Mill, Ossett            Brooks Mill, Ossett                  Dale Street Mill, Ossett

                              Gedham Mill, Ossett          Greenfield Mill, Ossett              Healey New Mill, Ossett

                              Moorcroft Mills, Ossett       Moorcroft Mills, Ossett             Northfield Mill, Ossett

                              Owl Lane Mill, Ossett         Pildacre Mill, Ossett                 Royds Mill, Ossett

                              Spedding Oddy, Ossett      Spring Mill, Ossett                   Westfield Mills, Ossett

Alan Howe              http://www.ossett.net          Manor Mill, Ossett

Neville Ashby          http://www.ossett.net         Victoria Mills, Ossett                Victoria Mills, Ossett

Mr. B. Else             http://www.twixtaireandcalder.org.uk 

                             Albion Mill, Wakefield          Albion Mill, Wakefield

Humphrey Bolton    Albion Mill, Meltham            Bower's Mill, Barkisland           Dockfield Mills, Shipley        

                             Ellistones Mill, Greetland     Ellistones Mill, Greetland         Oats Royd Mills, Luddenden 

                             Washpit Mills, Cartforth

Thierry Stuck        Vincey No.1 Mill-1                Vincey No.1 Mill-2                   Vincey No.1 Mill-3

                             Vincey No.1 Mill-4                Vincey No.1 Mill-5                   Vincey No.1 Mill-6

                             Vincey No.1 Mill-7                Vincey No.1 Mill-8                   Vincey No.1 Mill-9

                             Vincey No.2 Mill-1                Vincey No.2 Mill-2                   Vincey No.2 Mill-3

                             Vincey No.2 Mill-4                Vincey No.2 Mill-5


BritainFromAbove    http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk

Broadstone No.1 & No.2 Mill, Reddish   Broadstone No.1 & No.2 Mill, Reddish   Broadstone No.1 & No.2 Mill, Reddish

Low Silk Mill, Addingham                      Low Silk Mill, Addingham                     Low Silk Mill, Addingham

Low Silk Mill, Addingham                      Low Silk Mill, Addingham                     Low Silk Mill, Addingham

Low Silk Mill, Addingham                      Bardsey Vale Mill, Ashton-u-Lyne         Hurst Mills, Ashton-u-Lyne

Tudor Mill, Ashton-u-Lyne                     Whittaker's Mills, Ashton-u-Lyne           Atherton Mills, Atherton

Dan Lane Mills, Atherton                       Laburnum Mill, Atherton                       Wardley Mills, Atherton  

Wensleydale Woollen Mills, Birstall        Wellington Woollen Mills     


Haworth Village         http://haworth-village.org,uk

Dunkirk Mill, Oxenhope                          Fisher's Lodge Mill, Oxenhope             Hield's Mill, Oxenhope                  

Hield's Mill, Oxenhope                            Old Oxenhope Mill, Oxenhope             Old Oxenhope Mill, Oxenhope